Photon 8515

Photon is the training team for Spectrum 3847. Photon is run as a subset of Spectrum.

  • Photon exists to allow new team members to have more hands-on experience with building a robot and competing at competition including drive team roles.

  • During events, Photon rotates its drive team to allow more team members to gain experience.

  • During Playoffs, a single-drive team is selected to compete in all playoff matches.

  • 3847 and 8515 are sibling teams.

  • All Photon team members are members of Spectrum 3847. All Spectrum team members are Photon team members

  • Photon only competes in 2 district events each year. Photon does not compete at the District or FIRST Championship.

  • Photon students may attend all Spectrum events including District and FIRST Championship

  • Photon's mascot is a plush purple dinosaur named Photon.

Photon is providing a model for other teams to serve their communities better. Expanding our school's engineering and robotics program to include an FRC team just for first-year students has broadened our impact. It has allowed us to prepare our students better to help other new teams who are building similar robots based on the Everybot design and work with them to have more successful seasons.

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